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Ignasi Tico Artelejo 58TH production boat into Saint-François

Ignasi Tico Artelejo (654) crossed the finish line of the second leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef in 58th place in the Production boat fleet this Tuesday 16 of November at 22h 41min (UTC). In this way, the skipper of Tur Tur took 18 days 08 hours 41 minutes and 02 seconds to complete the 2,700 miles of the course between Santa Cruz de La Palma and Saint-François. His combined race time for the two legs equates to 30 days 11 hours 3 minutes 15 seconds.


“It’s a very emotional experience to make landfall in Guadeloupe after 18 days at sea. It was incredible to begin to smell the aromas and then see the lights of land after so long. It was almost unreal. Mentally, the race was gruelling sometimes. I set sail well prepared thanks to my qualifier on the one hand and the other races I’d taken part in on the other. The main difficulty of the Mini Transat is that it’s a long event and you have to have the stamina to complete it. You have to be mentally solid as it’s a bit monotonous at times. After a while, all the days can become much of a muchness. 

The first leg was complicated for me due to the weather conditions and also because I had tonsilitis. This second leg was complicated on an emotional level, but it went fantastically well until three days before the finish. By that point, I’d begun to amass a fair few problems. I sprained my ankle and I have a foot the size of a football. I tore my large spinnaker 700 miles after the start in the Canaries. I managed to repair it, but it blew out again 500 miles from the finish. My A5 suffered the same fate last night. They’re things you can’t really prepare for, even when you’re well trained. I’m very happy to have experienced this adventure. I’ve had time for everything: learning, being seasick, feeling perfectly at home out at sea, finding my feet on my boat, watching the clouds… It’s crazy to be able to experience all that and it will be a valuable experience for my future. Making landfall here in Guadeloupe, with this incredible welcome will remain a very special memory.”

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