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Frederico Waksman (912 – Like Crazy Uruguay), 20th production boat skipper : “An action-packed race”

Frederico Waksman was the 20th production boat skipper to cross the finish line of the first leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef this Saturday 9 October at 10h51'063 (UTC). In so doing, the skipper of Like Crazy Uruguay took 11 days 21 hours 21 minutes and 6 seconds to complete the 1,350-mile course between Les Sables d’Olonne and Santa Cruz de La Palma.


“The start of the leg went fantastically well. I was pretty much in the thick of the action and I put up a good fight against the others. However, after the stopover, things were more complicated, in my mind at least. It felt rather as if the race was over and that I was beginning a long delivery trip. In the end though, I managed to get back into the swing of it and I had a real blast out there. It was an incredible race and it was action-packed in every sense of the term with lots of unforeseen events. I’d never imagined it would be like that, but it was both instructive and rewarding. I learned a lot of new things. I grasped the fact that to do well it was important to know how to adapt to the weather conditions and be capable of making fast headway for a long time!”

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