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Felip Moll Marques 54 TH Production Boat into Saint-François

Felip Moll Marques (588) crossed the finish line of the second leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef in 54th place in the Production boat fleet this Tuesday 16 of Novembre at 19h 46min 30s (UTC). In this way, the skipper of ALLEVA took 18 days 05 hours 46 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the 2,700 miles of the course between Santa Cruz de La Palma and Saint-François. His combined race time for the two legs equates to 30 days 5 hours 25 minutes 02 seconds.


“I really loved the crossing, but it wasn’t at all how I imagined it would be. It was a tough race, especially mentally, but I was still able to appreciate the vast majority of it. I broke my autopilot so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I’m not even in a position to tell you how I feel right now! Above all, I think I need to sleep and think about all that when I’ve got a quiet moment. With regards my future plans, that’s even more up in the air than it was before the start! (laughs) I have just crossed the Atlantic on this little boat though, which is quite something!”

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