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EuroChef becomes title sponsor of the Mini Transat

EuroChef, a network of installers of professional kitchens in metropolitan France, French overseas departments and territories, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg, is joining forces with the organisers of the Mini Transat 2021 to associate its name with the most atypical major ocean race.


kitchens, from the health sector to supermarket development kitchens, EuroChef has become the major hot and cold specialist over the past 20 years. It is the preferred supplier of culinary innovation and performance. Its network is linked by a strong Commitment Charter based on three key values “responsibility – passion for innovation – humanity”. And that’s where we find the importance of the partnership between this major player in the installation of professional kitchens and the organisers of the Mini Transat. “Indeed, above all it’s a story of men. Three years ago, I met Marc Chopin. Through him, I discovered the Solo Maître CoQ and I was literally bowled over, not just because the running of such an event depends on a well-oiled machine, but also because offshore racing is a discipline that generates extraordinary human adventures”, explains Olivier Béguier, Chairperson of EuroChef, who was immediately attracted by the Mini Transat which takes place without technical assistance nor modern means of communication which makes it an exceptional event in our hyper-connected world today.

A story of men and common values.

« EuroChef is a story about suppliers and installers of professional kitchens. Today, 56 businesses spread throughout the entire country, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and the French overseas departments and territories are members of the network. Together they sell, buy and communicate, which is unquestionably our strength, but behind all that we definitely don’t disregard our societal responsibility, the importance of proximity with our customers, the global and local vision of our market or our founding human values.” declares the Chairperson of EuroChef. For him and his teams, based in Choisy-Le-Roi, the Mini Transat is set to be an ideal event which will enable them to build closer relationships with both their clients and their colleagues. “EuroChef builds true partnerships with its suppliers in order to reply to the demands of each one, but our discussions go beyond business as we also need to share in the experience of great adventures such as the Mini Transat which unite us even more and therefore guarantee a network of excellence by mutualizing our expertise and know-how. “ adds Olivier Béguier, who, in addition, is delighted that the final outcome of the race will be determined in Guadeloupe. It will be the perfect opportunity to highlight the associates of the EuroChef network who are present in the overseas departments and territories.


A first in the domain of offshore racing.

Until now, we have established partnerships around food during events such as Taste of Paris, or cultural events such as the Les Francofolies de La Rochelle, Les Vieilles Charrues ou le Hellfest Summer Open Air. We are pleased to be involved for the first time alongside the organisers of a sporting race, well aware that for the majority of the 84 competitors, the Mini Transat is a place open to dreams becoming reality, to an adventure being achieved”, details Olivier Béguier. This enthusiasm is obviously shared by Marc Chopin, director of the company Korrigan, organizer of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transant EuroChef, with the help of the association Les Sables d’Olonne Vendée Course au Large, the host club of the event.

This partnership with the EuroChef network is obviously excellent news, in particular during the difficult context of the pandemic.  Fore and foremost, it’s a story of men and shared values. Values which perfectly suit the image and the spirit that we wish to give to the 2021 edition which, I hope, will bring the general public on board and will bring sparkles to the eyes of the all the EuroChef technicians, members and clients.”

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