#3 Friday News

21 06


The escort boats of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2019

Every week, discover the different boats and their crews who will watch over our skippers.
Their mission is not only to follow the minis and watch over them, but also to be ready to intervene if the race director, Denis Hughes, asks them to. This week, we introduce you to Aloha and her crew.

ALOHA - Pogo 12.50 operated by Maurice Benzaquen.


Maurice Benzaquen sailed for a long time on a very classic boat, a Taillefer, Cipango, with which he participated in the classic transatlantic race. He has owned a Pogo 12.50, Aloha, for the past 5 years, with which he has sailed regattas and cruises: the RORC transatlantic race (where Aloha finished 2nd), 600 miles from Antigua, middle sea race, Armen race, Tour du Finistère, Tresco, etc.... Joining the pleasure of sailing, "transater", and being useful, accompanying, securing, is the purpose of this project for Aloha and her crew.

During the Atlantic crossing, we will be able to find on board: Philippe Foucher, sailor and rigger (Carrick matelotage), a life of sailing and regattas on all types of ships, class 40, Pen Duick 6, Belem, ... and Aloha; Eric Lamoulen, on the water as soon as he can, a lifelong sailing companion..; Olivier Delavoye, on the first stage only, never as happy as on a boat; Philippe Gueguen, on the transatlantic race itself, who took part in the mini as a competitor and as an accompanist, also known for his bar-crêperie "A l'Abri de Rien" at Le Rosmeur in Douarnenez. And maybe another teammate to confirm.

The exhibitors of the starting village

The village of Mini-Transat La Boulangère will be held in front of the aquarium in La Rochelle from 14 September to 22 September. You will be able to find exhibitors who will offer you their products. Today, we reveal the names of the first two exhibitors:

  • Navigatlantique: Find on the village, the shipchandler from La Rochelle for more than 50 years, which offers you all the equipment, rope, safety, including nautical documents, and which is always in the race!
  • Sea University of Italy: The University of Genoa, also known as UNIGE, is an Italian university located in the city of Genoa in Liguria. It offers more than 200 courses dedicated to the sea with more than 400 researchers and teachers. Through its activities, the University of Genoa is an international reference in research and technology transfer in marine sciences, for which it ranks among the top 10 universities in the world.
    The University of Genoa and Liguria are therefore the ideal places to study and discover the sea in its different forms: environmental, productive, recreational and social.