The race course


New edition for the Collectif Rochelais Mini Transat!

DEPARTURE ON 5 OCTOBER 2019 at 10:30am

First step, with a start in front of La Rochelle, which the Mini knows well, in the Pertuis Rochelais, passage in front of the Chassiron lighthouse in Oléron, then follows a quick crossing of the Bay of Biscay to Cape Finistere in Spain, a beautiful descent along Portugal which can be done downwind for skippers towards the island of Gran Canaria.



A second step that starts for the minis in the wind or acceleration between the Canary Islands, getting out of the archipelago is therefore the first obstacle of this second step, then join as soon as possible the trade winds that will take the skippers on long surfs towards Martinique, manage the downwind angles of descent, beware of tropical squalls, and finish with a nice finish in the Bay of the Marin, this second part is no less simple!

A beautiful 2019 edition in prospect!