The Mini 650

Real small sailing rockets designed for pure performance, the « mini 6.50 » stays an excellent offshore boat, designed  and built  to be able to sail in rough conditions.



They are two different kinds of min 6.50: the prototypes and the production boats

Production boats are built out of glass fibber, have alloy masts, 1.6 meter draft, and material such as titanium, carbon fiber and epoxy resin are prohibited. 10 of them must have been built to be an official production boat. Architects and boatyard struggle to propose the best boats in regard of these restrictions. More than 15 different production boats are available, from the oldest Super Calin to the new Pogo3 or Ofcet.




Prototypes, on their side, are free of these restrictions and have been, for years, the very first laboratory for sailing innovations. Canting keels, daggerboards, swinging wing masts, long poles for huge spinnakers, have been tried first on minis. New hull shapes with very wide waterlines and foils are the now the latest innovations. Designers and boatbuilders have always been using the minis to test any new idea !

The offshore performance is born in mini !