Life on board


Life onboard a mini is a main purpose for such a small space!

Preparing meals, studying navigation, weather forecasts and strategy, having a rest from time to time, is not very comfortable but possible.

Can you imagine living under a 1.4meter ceiling during a few weeks, bending all the time, moving all the gear after any manoeuvre while the boat is heeling and rolling...Small sailors take an advantage on minis!

On production boats, with fixed keels, hatches, and a white painted interior, it is small but sailors can manage.

On the latest prototypes, with the moving keel and its blocks and lines in the middle, daggerboars or foils on the sides, and a black and wet cabin offering a 50cm wide space to try to rest a few minutes, living inside is a real sport !  


On a Mini, you definitely live outside and your wet weather gears are your best shelter!