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    First leg: race round-up

    With the arrival of Julien Mizrachi (UNAPEI), 78 racers have now made it safely into the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria...

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    Second service

    They took their time, but the trade winds now seem to have kicked back in. As a result, the group of around thirty or so...

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    Valentin Gautier on the up

    By securing victory in the first leg of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère, Valentin Gautier (Shaman – Banque du Léman) has...

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    Fire and ice

    Ultimately there was very little separating the top two sailors with their radically different temperaments and track...

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    To you, to me… It’s hard to know who’s got the ball in their court in the extremely variable conditions currently dominating...

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    Atlantic yo-yo

    The light airs are making the sailors’ nerves jangle. They’re all very much aware that it’s not far to the Canaries now and...

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    Rudder on starboard broken

    Rudder on starboard broken, Emanuele Grassi tries to repair his stern with Sicaflex. The screw connection is out. The...

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    The Mini shake-up

    In both the prototype and production boat categories, the situation is becoming clearer at the head of the race. Ian...